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Hamster - Redefining Quality

Beginning of 2016, Loyal India launched its own brand of Indian Bureau Of Energy Efficiency star-rated Air Conditioners named HAMSTER in Kerala, after tying up with one of the world’s leading manufacturers using Japanese technology in meeting the highest standards for Indian consumers. Loyal India and its brand of Air Conditioners, HAMSTER, are managed by highly accomplished professionals. HAMSTER’s entry into Indian market was through a unique model, by opening exclusive brand stores, distributors and dealers in major cities in Kerala. After tasting a resounding success in Kerala, Loyal India has entered other South India markets like Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Our customers are our Brand Ambassadors and today HAMSTER is a trusted household name in every market it has set its feet on. We believe in delivering highest quality and ensuring prompt service. We use high-grade copper condensers. Our machine is a whispering giant that permeates chillness into everything around it, still ensuring high level of energy efficiency. The brand comes with a three-year warranty for the complete unit and five-year warranty for the compressor. Our models are available in 1-ton, 1.5-ton and 2-ton capacities, both in single star and three star ratings as per 2018 standards of the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Both inverter and non-inverter models are available, besides cassette, tower and portable Air Conditioners. The company has deployed well-trained service engineers and technicians in its current markets for providing highly specialised service. Today, our service is available in all South Indian markets.

Our Products

Split AC

One of the primary advantages of split air conditioners is that they are ergonomically designed to fit in without occupying a lot of space and are relatively less noisy.

Tower AC

Tower ACs can be considered akin to trolley coolers, but different in build. The tower ACs are portable and highly efficient when it comes to cooling the rooms.

Portable AC

The portable air-conditioners can be moved from room to room, but require the use of an exhaust hose that is typically vented through a window.

Cassette AC

Cassette ACs are ideal for use in large rooms where split ACs aren’t sufficient. Shaped like cassettes, these ACs provide powerful cooling, don’t usually require ducting.

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